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Art and culture

Shrine of the Martyrs of Benedicta

The Parco della Pace, on Monte Tobbio, was created to preserve the memory of the terrible events that occurred during the Second World War. And to remind us, as Gianni Rodari says, that war should never be waged.
There are things to do every day: washing, studying, playing, preparing the table, at noon.
There are things to do at night: close your eyes, sleep, have dreams to dream, ears to not hear.
There are things to never do, neither day or night, neither by sea nor by land: for example, war
(Gianni Rodari)

The Sanctuary of Monte Spineto

The Sanctuary of Monte Spineto, in addition to enjoying great popularity among the inhabitants of Stazzano (and not only), hosts a rich and varied collection of votive offerings.
These works are a precious testimony of the profound devotion of the faithful and, at the same time, an extraordinary history book in which to read the evolution of society, traditions and types of work typical of our territory.

Archaeological Area of Libarna

Knowing our past is fundamental to understanding who we are, understanding the present and preparing for the future. Italy is full of traces of what it was: sometimes they are clearly visible, sometimes they are hidden, sometimes they suddenly and randomly re-emerge. The archaeological site of Libarna offers visitors an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in history and explore a long-hidden Roman city.

The monumental complex
of Santa Croce in Bosco Marengo

Among the suggestions to discover the treasures of Lower Piedmont impossible not to mention a visit to Bosco Marengo at the monumental complex of Santa Croce.

Voltaggio Art Gallery

The small village of  Voltaggio, between Piedmont and Liguria, is home to the Pinacoteca of the Capuchin Fathers.

A small treasure chest full of precious works of art waiting to be visited.

The Fort of Gavi

There are monuments and works of art that become symbols of the city, or even of the nation, that hosts them. The symbol of Gavi is its Fort which dominates the inhabited center from above and which, with its long history, has always witnessed the vicissitudes that have involved the territory of Lower Piedmont on the border with Liguria.

The Castle of Carrosio

The ancient castle of Carrosio has witnessed for centuries of wars and struggles for the control of the territory.
We advise you to walk along the banks of the Lemme in order to have the best view of what remains of this spectacular fortification built on the rock overlooking the river.

The devil's hat - Gavi

Turin is known as the city of mysteries and magic, but Gavi is not far behind ... a legend about the ancient Pieve tells of pacts with the devil, demons, inexplicable wonders and wonderful hidden treasures.
Venture around Gavi in search of legendary places. If you are not too afraid ...

Church of San Giacomo Maggiore - Gavi

The center of Gavi jealously guards a jewel of rare and precious value. This is the church of San Giacomo: a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture that will amaze you with its portal and its capitals and that, inside, holds many works that bear witness to the faith and devotion of the gavies.

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