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Typical products

Italy Gourmet

And 'the new company founded by the legacy of gastronomic Gandetto family: a small gem handmade churning out tasty pastries. Among all remember the four products with certification De.Co. : Lady's Kisses, macaroons, canetrelletti and scallops to Gavi.

Italy Gourmet
Agricola Zerbo

Farmers have always taken care of the entire chain of our crops, from the sowing of each single bean to the grinding with natural stone. Our cultivation method, respectful of the environment and of every single ear, combined with the ancient method of milling chosen, allows us to obtain healthy, genuine flours with an authentic taste.

Agricola Zerbo
Distillery Gualco

The care and passion that over time the Gualco distillers have put in their business made the production reach high quality levels.

Their products are well known all over the world. 

Distillery Gualco

The Moretto is a delicious ice cream cone covered with melted chocolate, produced starting in 1946 by Matteo Gastaldo.

Gelateria Bar Matteo 1946
Piazza Roma 8 GAVI

We produce in small batches to guarantee maximum freshness and fragrance of the finished product. We take care of every detail in the making of the process and in the storage of our raw material.

Gavi amaretto biscuits are almond-based desserts.
They take their name from the homonymous town of Gavi, where these delicacies are traditionally prepared with the typical shape of crushed balls, externally crisp and with a soft heart inside.

In Gavi and its surroundings you can eat both Piedmontese and Ligurian. But it is the raviolo that creates the union between the regions. The ravioli "a bare ass", as they call it in these parts, that is without any seasoning, is poetry. A stuffing of meat, borage,
parmesan and egg. It is said that he was born here because the Raviolo family would have invented it in the 12th century.

It is an ancient and elaborated recipe ancient and elaborate, the   "headcheese" is a terrine made from food waste of meat: the farmers came up with this idea in order to preserve and use once again the waste of pig meat that exceeded from the production of hams, salami and coppa. The version elaborated by Agostino Bertelli butcher of Gavi differs from the original recipe because of the use of noble and less noble cuts of meat; this procedure enhance the flavor of the original recipe.

This cheese has an ancient history background, it was first mentioned in the year 1100 because a story tells us that 50 cheese wheels were sent as a gift by a wealthy man of Tortona to a prelate. The refinement of the product seems already consolidated in 1489, when it was the only cheese served at the wedding banquet of Isabella d'Aragona and Gian Galeazzo Sforza.


In Borbakery the traditions of Val Borbera meet international flavors. We use high quality and organic ingredients from local, national or certified farms. We believe in the importance of raw materials, which thus preserve the nutritional properties and their authentic taste and thanks to which the final product acquires added value. At Borbakery you will find the typical Canestrelli with Timorasso, the Canestrelli with Caespes (red wine) and hazelnuts, the classic Baci di Dama, the Borbaci, shortbread, cookies, fresh pastries, Cortese breadsticks, flour, hazelnuts, preserves, wines, extra virgin olive oil and so on!

Hot it is better. Tasty, delicious, especially if accompanied by a good glass of wine, maybe a beautiful white Gavi. It is the farinata, the typical comfort food or the ligurian/piedmontese region. A pleasure for the palate, it is capable of heating even the coldest winter evening.


Many bakers in the area produce the tasty and fragrant focaccia novese, it is excellent if accompanied with a good glass of "Gavi"; given its characteristics, it has been requested the recognition of

typicality (PGI)

Corzetti Novesi

It is a type of pasta whose origin is lost in the collective memory.
Corzetti are typical of Novi Ligure, where they also inspired an Academy. They have a round and thin shape, which once used to distinguish even the families, who kept their wooden mold in the house with the mark to print on it. To taste with pesto and with mushroom and sausage sauce

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