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Gavi Wine Tasting

Tastings in the cellars of the Gavi

Wine tasting at


In the heart of the Gavi area
Discovering the tradition

of Villa Sparina wines
Tastings of Brut, Gavi, Monferrato Rosso and the magnificent Cru Monterotondo

Visit a biodynamic winery surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Gavi, in Piedmont


Discover the wines produced according to the biodynamic philosophy


Taste three different selections of Gavi


See the works of Remo Salvadori, inspired by the architecture of La Raia


Private tour of the

Magda Pedrini winery

with Gavi DOCG tasting

Enjoy a tour of the winery
located in the heart of the Gavi


Enjoy a selection of the renowned Gavi DOCG (100% courteous)

Discover the difference between fermentation with the charmat and champenoise method


This visit will introduce you to the world of a small artisan winery that produces 20,000 bottles a year.

You will meet the owner Francesca Poggio, who will show you the property that includes the vineyard, the cellar, the tasting room and a small but charming b & b. In the tasting room or in the garden you will have the opportunity to taste three wines, a selection of Gavi DOCG and a red "blend" called Monferrato Rosso DOC, produced using Dolcetto and Merlot grapes.


The winery is surrounded by a beautiful countryside and is located on the hill Rovereto, cru famous for the best Gavi DOCG.

Gavi Wine Land

Marchese Luca Spinola

Gavi tasting with picnic at the company of the

Marquis Luca Spinola

The Marchese Luca Spinola winery is located in Rovereto di Gavi, in the province of Alessandria and is part of the historic properties of the Spinola family. You can meet the Spinola family directly to their winery. They will welcome you on board a beautiful wagon pulled by a tractor and will guide you in the middle of the property where there is a small lake surrounded by willows. There you will taste their selection of Gavi DOCG (3 wines) accompanied by local and genuine food such as salami, focaccia, cheese, fresh tomatoes and vegetable pies. The Spinola family company, their excellent wines, the genuine food and the beauty of the area will make this experience unique!

Marchese Luca Spinola

Cinzia Bergaglio winery is located in Piedmont, in the historical territory specialized in the production of Gavi DOCG wines
The winery, surrounded by hills and chestnut woods, produces prestigious wines obtained from local vines, such as Cortese variety for GAVI DOC and DOCG and Dolcetto and Barbera for Monferrato Rosso DOC.




“Wine Experience”

Let yourself be seduced by the flavors of the Gavi territory! An ancient 17th century rammed earth mansion immersed in a centuries-old park and all-around rows and vineyards as far as the eye can see.
La Cedraia offers you, in an elegant and peaceful location that supports fully eco-sustainable tourism, a Guided Tasting Tour with its wines, a real "Wine Experience" in the Gavi area that allows you to appreciate in a relaxing environment the vineyards, landscape, history and relaxing outdoor activities in the natural habitat that this area offers, and of course our fine wines.

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